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Providing Top-Tier Talent to the Thriving Audio-Visual Industry.

The #1 person for the job.

Ready to shake things up and take your AV game to the next level? The digital realm is evolving at lightning speed, making it more crucial than ever to have a top-notch team on your side. But don't settle for ordinary - you want the best of the best, the rebels of the AV industry.

That's where Rafferty AV comes in, with our unparalleled expertise in recruiting for integrators, distributors, smart home technology, entertainment, and rental companies. We've been leading the audio visual recruitment game since 2015, and have even earned a few awards (okay, maybe more like 7) along the way! And it doesn’t stop there - we can cover all of your Head Office recruitment too.

Say goodbye to dull recruitment processes and hello to excitement and buzz. We're all about lining up the perfect 5-star candidates for you, whether you need design experts, pre-sales professionals, lead engineers, or talented programmers. So let's join forces and revolutionise the AV industry together!

No role is ever 'too niche'.

At Rafferty, we start by getting to know your brand inside and out. We work tirelessly to provide you with a completely personalised approach to talent acquisition that will put your business firmly on the map! We're not just recruiters - we're revolutionaries, with a track record of turning the status quo on its head.

Our services include crafting attention-grabbing job descriptions, creating recruitment materials that demand attention, providing training to your team on how to conduct effective interviews, and exploring new and unconventional avenues for sourcing the best talent out there.


So why settle for the same old, same old when you can take the world by storm with Rafferty AV?

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Ready to recruit the ‘cream of the crop’ of audio visual talent?

At our core, building strong relationships with our clients and candidates is our top priority. It's no wonder that we've been honoured with the prestigious 'Best Client & Candidate Experience' award not once, but twice at the REC Awards. We take great pride in going above and beyond for those we work with. We make it our business to know our clients inside and out, so that when we place a candidate, they embark on a long and successful career. We live for success stories here, and boy do we have many! Our clients view us as an integral part of their team, and they appreciate the convenience of having all their recruitment needs met with us. We simply love what we do, and it shows!

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